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Network Operations

This course is taken by Network Assistants. This is a project-based classroom which is largely student led. Students work in various capacities, from hardware repair to web design. For more on the Network assistant program, click here Elective. Prerequisite: Must be a junior or senior. Must apply and be accepted. Grade typically taken: 11 or…
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Math Analysis

In this course, students will explore discrete mathematics. A wide range of topics will be covered, from algebra to calculus. Counts for CAT's requirement of at least 1 math class each year. Prerequisite: AP Calculus BC (May be taken simultaneously). Grade typically taken: 12.
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AP Chemistry

This course, which takes two class periods, is the equivalent of a general chemistry course taken in the first year of college. It builds upon topics from Chemistry, preparing students for the AP exam at the end of the year. Satisfies CAT requirement to take 1 AP science. Prerequisite: Chemistry. Grade typically taken: 11 or…
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Robotics 4

This capstone course is focused around a year long student-driven project, Each student will pick an area that interests them, and spend the year exploring, working and designing on a project of their choosing. Throughout the year, students will build their Robotics Design Portfolio. Elective. Prerequisite: Robotics 3. Grade typically taken: 12.
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