Scott Shriver


Class of 2015
Mobile App Developer

I had come to CAT because I wanted to gain a greater understanding of technology, and the math and science behind it. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life until I took my first programming class in 10th grade. Learning how to code was unlike anything else I had done in school, and I began to prefer that to the more mechanical and physical components of technology. Hardware provides the bones and muscles of a computer, but software brings it to life.

When I became a Network Assistant at the beginning of my senior year it was an experience unlike most of my other classes. Everyone had a job to do, and the tools to do it, but there was a higher sense of freedom. In a conventional class I would listen to lectures, and take a test to "prove" I had learned something. As a Net Assistant you learn through the work that you and your fellow Net Assistants do. Collaboration is essential to making progress.

My main regret is that I did not sign up earlier to become a Net Assistant in my junior year. Maybe if I had another year I could have learned more, and been able to be more efficient. However, I have still learned a great deal in the year that I had. I have learned how to create Windows Phone 8 applications, and have gotten certifications in SharePoint, OneNote, and Software Development Fundamentals in C#.

I enjoyed my time as a Network Assistant. I feel that I will be able to apply the lessons I have learned to my future. As I go on to Florida Polytechnic to get a degree in Computer Science I will not forget that being a Net Assistant was one of the first steps on my path to becoming a Software Engineer.

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