Matt Nipper


Class of 2015
Mobile App Developer

I feel it's only right that I say that nearing the end of my senior year I was dubbed "The Jar Jar Binks of CAT", so my opinions may be slightly skewed from others in the room. Nevertheless I would like to say that my time in T110 was one of the most educational and influential experiences of my entire time in high school. Each and every day you enter the net assistant room is a new challenge and new learning experience. Whether it is a life lesson from Mr. Zulli in the ways of time management and responsibility or a genius new way of solving a seemingly insurmountable problem learned from one or more of the amazing people you are constantly surrounded by.

Thinking on your feet is a constant must, whether it be in order to dodge incoming tablet boxes or overcome the onslaught of new red x's that seem to pop up every single time you open your code. One of the true gifts of this environment is the ability to further your own knowledge through experience and the ability to draw on the knowledge of others who came before you which is something very few people will ever have at this point in their lives.

If I can give any advice it is that if you come into the net assistant room ready and willing to learn from every resource at your disposal you can easily learn more there in one day than you can in a week in some of your other classes whether it be through failure, research or just trying new things. That is exactly what Mr. Zulli's class and the net assistant room is about, learning through experience, so don't be afraid to experience.

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