Kalya Subramanian


Class of 2015
Senior Project Manager

I think one of the most daunting aspects of being a network assistant is the classroom itself. The space is shrouded in mystery, with a large percentage of CAT unaware of what lies beyond the threshold. Most approach meekly, with eyes pointed toward the floor. Others overcompensate and rush in far too boldly. Even some net assistants can be polarized into these two groups. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long to find a happy medium, and being privy to one of our school’s more enigmatic aspects is frankly quite fun. You’ll begin to truly embody the definition of a “CAT kid,” a moniker that others seem to so carelessly throw around. This room which once seemed so formidable will become more familiar than any other place on campus, and you will find that it will suit your purpose more often than not. In my experience, I have been able to form opinions that remain fairly consistent, but surviving in T-110 requires swift adaptation. The setting can sometimes be difficult to decipher, and it would be easy for a newcomer to misgauge the atmosphere. Over time, you evolve and master this task. You can walk in the door and know whether to be exuberant or staid.

Some days will call for shouting, from frustration or joy. Others will call for a silence so pervasive that you will hear your thoughts rushing in your head. This duality is further compounded by your peers, whom I’ve found can entirely flip the mood of the class. Ultimately, it is important to remember that you will also change with the room, and you will leave as a different person, molded by your experiences.

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