The classes that are unique to CAT (like robotics, system administration, and programming) along with the passion of the educators who teach them are what make the program so valuable to students who want to further their knowledge in depth and breadth of science and technology. At CAT, advanced classes and project-based learning encourage students to challenge themselves. It also fosters a flexible learning environment that is geared toward what the students need. For example, the Net Assistants program is all about allowing students to create and manage their own IT projects, offering them the experiential learning that is unparalleled even by some internships. The robotics program was built by one of our own teachers and approved through the state after it was clear how many students were enthusiastic about the course. Learning experiences are often what you make of it, but CAT really offers students the opportunities to excel.

Before I enrolled at CAT, I knew that I enjoyed mathematics, but I hadn't thought much about what I wanted to study or what my future would be. I didn't know a single thing about robotics, computer science, or business. But in the span of a few years at CAT, I learned enough about each to compete (and win) at national levels. The variety of specialized classes and extracurricular activities at CAT helped me understand more about what I enjoyed learning and put me in a better position to excel in the subjects which interested me.

After graduating from CAT, I studied computer science and mathematics and worked as a web developer and a software engineer. CAT allowed me to better understand my interests, pursue them whole-heartedly, and build the strong foundation in STEM that became essential for success in my undergraduate study and field of work. At no other school and in no other program would I have found this opportunity to learn, to compete, and to excel like I did at CAT. Being a part of this program was like being in a hammock: fun, supportive, challenging, and hard to leave.

Tiffney Kitiratanasumpun, Class of 2013

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