The best compliment you can give a program is when your students look forward to the school day and continue their journey long after the school day has ended; programming the next application, working on an FBLA project or building the robot for the next competition. This is the reality of Lakewood’s Center for Advanced Technologies.

The Net Assistant program provides real world opportunity for students to learn the skills needed for IT. The students are the IT department for Lakewood and are able to apply the skills they learn in the networking, cyber security, operating systems and programming classes at Lakewood. Every student should apply for this program, there is no other program like it.

Robotics is another big draw, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and programming are staples of the robotics curriculum and the students learn while doing what they love. My garage has been converted to a robotics warehouse where Lakewood students come on Friday after school to hang out and build robots.

Lakewood is one of the most competitive schools in the Future Business Leaders of America competition. When it comes to technology, Lakewood sends many of its students to the National competition each year. I’ve had the opportunity to chaperone and judge these competitions locally and at the state level. I can confidently say that our future is in good hands. Evidence again, that Lakewood CAT is the program of choice in Pinellas.

The programming courses are covering the most popular languages in use today. The languages taught include Java, C#, Unity and C. Programming is encouraged by faculty in other classes which gives the students additional opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Considering the number of incredible opportunities at Lakewood, you can begin to see why parents and students are huge fans of this program. I have two boys in Lakewood CAT and this has been our experience as a parent and students. I’m also a professor and teach programming, networking and cyber security. I have never been more impressed with a program, students, faculty and administration as I am with Lakewood Center for Advanced Technology. This is not just a high school program, it’s an opportunity for like minded students to get hands on experience with technology and prepare them for their future.

Shane Hamilton, Parent

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