What does it mean to be a Network Assistant?

Being part of the Network Operations team means two things: creative problem solving and the willingness to learn, the latter of which is far more important. Creative problem solving in the network room, as students will quickly learn, is a vital asset and a skill that once developed, becomes an IT Swiss Army Knife. Not only will this knowledge apply to troubleshooting everyday problems, but also to more complicated fixes when you cannot just reformat and start from scratch. The second aspect is the willingness to learn. This trait is vital, simply because of the amount of new information, technology, and processes students will be exposed to and expected to learn alongside the formal Microsoft IT Academy course work made available. Remember this fact: no one expects you to know what WireShark is or how to add a job to Windows Deployment Services, but students must be willing to learn from the network administrator or the senior assistants and retain the knowledge. In short, network assistants must not only hear what is being said, they must also listen.

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