Zlatan Dizdarevic


Class of 2011
Senior Project Manager

Starting my freshman fall semester of college I’ve found myself reflecting on my experiences in high school and rethinking some of my favorite memories and I’ve come to find that a fair majority of these experiences I fondly remember have happened during my tenure as a Network Assistant and happened in the Network room. As an assistant I learned the importance of teamwork and creative problem solving (and the power of the search engine) but most of all I learned that an imaginative application of your skills can surpass what you thought was possible and lead to the creation of something that you can truly be proud of.

During my stay at Lakewood high school I have had a variety of teachers but without a shadow of a doubt I can come away knowing the most from being in the network assistants room, instead of telling is what to do, we were simply guided to our answers allowing us to go through the discovery process ourselves knowing we would learn magnitudes more if we experienced the problems ourselves.

Outside of the experience I gained working with Microsoft products and learning how to apply my skillset the most important think I learned was the value of teamwork. Although like any team, we butted heads often we also learned to work together and learned the importance of collaborating with other people even if it comes from the most unexpected activities. Some of my biggest breakthroughs when working with SharePoint and InfoPath have come from reclining back in the chairs and tossing the ball back on forth giving an idea or suggestion between each pass.

These are skills that I will undoubtedly be able to transfer over into the working world and which will allow me to collaborate with a variety of people successfully. And while technology changes and systems improve, lessons in life such as teamwork and learning to take responsibility for my actions are things that I will be able to utilize for a lifetime.

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