Zach Shea


Class of 2014
Mobile Applications Developer

A few years ago, near the middle of eighth grade, a good friend of mine came to me with an idea for an iPhone application. I decided it would be pretty cool to try and create my own iPhone app, so I gave it a try. From that moment on, programming has been one of my top interests, especially developing mobile apps. This is what influenced me to come to CAT.

Sophomore year came along and I was suddenly yanked out of Spanish class and dragged across campus to room T110 to sit down and talk with Mr. Zulli about becoming a Network Assistant. An iOS programmer was needed to help in the completion of an iPad app used by campus monitors for the Campus Hall Pass System (CHPS). If you haven't guessed it already, I agreed to becoming a Net Assistant, which I would later find out was one the best decisions of my life.

I began working with Class of 2012 graduates Kyla Kolb and Lindsey Hofer on an iPad app that would allow Lakewood's campus monitors to see, in realtime, every student that was in the halls at every given moment. They would be able to see each student's name, student ID number, picture, destination, and how much time they had left to get to their destination. Originally, I was hesitant to working with other people on this project; I was so used to being the only one who touched the code I worked with. However, working with Lindsey and Kyla proved to be a rewarding experience.There was no way that I could have finished the app without the two of them, plus I learned a ton by studying the code that both of them had written. By the end of the year, the app was completed and ready to be put into production.

This past summer and the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, I used the knowledge gained from working on the CHPS iPad app to create CATNIP Mobile for iOS, based on CATNIP Mobile for Windows Phone, developed by Clay Plumridge and Alex Power.This application allows students to see the bell schedule for the current day and view assignments that are due to each of their teachers. These assignments are pulled from the calendars on each teacher's CATNIP2013 MySite.

Currently, I am still working on updates for the iOS version of CATNIP Mobile, as well as helping to recreate the app for Windows 8 with JD Willett and Michael Atanasio, the other two mobile geeks. Being a Net Assistant has not only helped me to expand my knowledge of programming, especially with regards to reading, organizing, and presenting data to the user, but it has also been a great experience to collaborate with others and be recognized for my work. Plus, I have gained some insight as to what a professional work environment is like, which will most definitely prepare me for what is to come in (what I expect to be) my future career as a Software Engineer.

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