Steven Lykins


Class of 2015
Senior Project Manager

Working in room T110 consists of a mix between staring at a computer screen for an hour trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and extended periods of celebration once you figure out the solution to the problem you are trying to tackle. The best part about being in a program like the Network Operations program is the feeling of accomplishment when a project you have been working on for days, weeks, or in some cases, months, works exactly the way it is supposed to. However, in any situation, you are not alone. While independence and self-teaching are two extremely valuable skills the class teaches you, there are always others willing to help, and willing to celebrate your achievements with you.

The projects we complete in T110, however, are not for our own personal benefit. Although it provides great experience, and mostly everyone really enjoys what they work on, the point of the products that come out of T110 are to provide a better experience for everyone at Lakewood. Personally, most of my work consisted of backend setup, form, and web application development for teacher and faculty use through LHSNET, the internal site that rolled out at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. We believe that making the transition to a completely digital, net-based library of all the information needed is the best way for the school to progress. The assistants take this vision and make it work, providing a user experience that everyone can be happy with. Students, teachers, and faculty can utilize the applications created here to make their lives easier, and along with that feeling of accomplishment we get from reaching our own goals, we can leave at the end of the day knowing that people benefit from something that we actually enjoy doing. That can be an even better feeling.

I have to say, and I think that I speak for many others before me, with me, and probably many that will come after me, that joining the Network Operations team has made my time here at Lakewood an unforgettable experience. This new sense of responsibility and independence, as well as the teamwork skills I have obtained have shaped me to be a better person, in my eyes. I have learned so many new things, and became closer with a lot of great people who enjoy the same passions as I do, and the program really made me excited to come to school every day – something that many high school students can’t say. The opportunities I have had because of this class are so far beyond what I could have imagined, and having the ability to move on to the next part of my life with the experience, memories, and inspiration working in T110 has granted me makes me very excited and confident for the future to come.

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