Steven Doyle


Class of 2012
Project Manager

Contemporary education often revolves around tedious lectures and irrelevant bookwork. This method serves only to encourage the mindless regurgitation of stale, well-documented knowledge. Creativity is not cultivated; new knowledge is not created. The Network Assistant Program, however, does not follow this paradigm. Network Assistants are thrown headfirst into a competitive environment without the benefit of years of prior training. Nevertheless, these students are assigned to experimental projects ranging from the development of an application for the Metro system in Windows 8 to the integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Moodle into one coherent service. Network Assistants must rely on their intellect, creativity, and thirst for knowledge to rapidly become an expert in their assigned field. The intellectual freedom afforded these students by the unconstrained nature of experimental projects allows growth in the pace and manner best suited to each individual.

The unorthodox learning methods featured in the Network Assistant Program facilitate a more productive environment. Those students who are actively invested in the success of their studies, or development projects, are much more likely to retain knowledge and to create new ideas and solutions. For this reason, the Network Assistant Program has been extremely successful.

Projects like the Microsoft SharePoint and Moodle integration have thoroughly piqued my intellectual curiosity and inspired me to work towards the construction of a viable solution. The development process has also imprinted me with a sense of time management, responsibility, and ingenuity. The Network Assistant Program has provided the single greatest impetus towards my development as a student, and I consider it an invaluable experience.

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