Robert Clark


Class of 2012
Senior Webmaster & SharePoint Administrator

The Network Operations program can best be summarized with 3 words, “figure it out”. When a network assistant is given a project to work on, none of us ask for help on solving an issue with their project, unless they have really done your research and don’t actually believe what they are attempting to do is possible. Even if it really isn’t possible, we don’t just say it isn’t possible. Instead we provide an alternative to the problem we are trying to solve and work from there. One of the biggest ideas you learn from NetOps is there is always a solution.

If we do run into an issue that we can’t figure out, before going to our teacher about our issue, we often bounce our issue off of a fellow network assistant. Since a lot of the network assistants have similar interests, we often are able to help one another. That is not to say that we are all alike in every way, there is actually a large diversity in the program, however we all have a common interest in technology and its advancement.When any of us begin a project, all we know is what problem we are trying to solve, and then work from there. With this teaching method, you are given the ability to expand your knowledge much more than you would if you were given something to do that already had a set solution. As a personal example, I was asked to address the issue of the new bell schedule, and a way to provide a simple solution to the rotating days, and to account for weekends and holidays. Since I was given full ability to use whatever methods I wished and since I was integrating it with our external Joomla websites, I chose to program in PHP. This decision has already helped me out in my life outside of school, when I was approached by a friend who needed help with a PHP calendar. Since I had already been working with the PHP date and time methods for my bell schedule, I was easily able to help him with my current knowledge.

In conclusion, joining the Network Operations team has expanded my overall technology knowledge in many ways. Before joining I know very little about managing a large network, and had not worked on many programming projects. Being a network assistant has provided me with a lot of the knowledge and experience I needed and a vast amount of advancement in the IT field, for which I am grateful.

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