Quran Monroe


Class of 2012
Senior Server Administrator

In my work here in the network assistant program at Center for Advanced Technologies (the CAT Program) I have been developing skills that I feel will benefit my future pursuit of a career. My focus in this program has been on hardware and software based troubleshooting, network management, and computer deployment. The hands-on approach this program utilizes has given network assistants including myself opportunities that many of us would have been without. Getting this chance to develop my skills in the IT field through this program has been a significant factor in determining my career and built assurance in my ability in this field.

When I first entered this program, I felt that my knowledge of computer technology was very basic; I had a simple grasp on computer troubleshooting and was able to repair common computer issues. I started out with what felt like boot camp doing work that forced me to challenge myself and my knowledge to expand my knowledge and develop experience in multiple situations. I was tasked with many technology repair issues throughout the school. From those continuous emergences into the different technologies available I learned new techniques in troubleshooting and built upon my knowledge on hardware and a multiple types of technology. As my time grew I began to apply my experience gained from working in this program to my outside life in order to develop a small side job involving computer repair.

The network assistant program has merged us network assistants in multiple environments far off from what we would have expected. The ideas that are being developed by us are being applied to many fields that will advance the efficiency in our school. We’ve been developing a hall pass system that will effectively get rid of the old paper hall pass system currently in effect at most schools, we have begun to deploy a communication system to further advance communication between students and teachers, and are slowly beginning to build upon our schools network infrastructure.

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