Lindsay Hofer


Class of 2012
Senior Project Manager

Many things in my life have helped define who I am and shape my future. One of most influential environments and experiences has been being able to be a part of the Center for Advanced Technologies Network Assistant Program at Lakewood Senior High School.

Working as a member of the Network Assistant program has opened my eyes to many paths I wouldn’t have seen before and taught me what the real world would be like. It is not set up like traditional classes, with homework and tests and letter grades. It’s set up more like how a workplace would be set up. You are assigned projects and deadlines and how you reach your goal is up to you. There are no cookie cutter assignments, everyone gets their own project to work on and collaboration is not only not frowned upon, it is encouraged. One person can sometimes see something that another has missed, which happens constantly in new projects. We bounce ideas off each other when we get stuck and suggestions are always helpful.

The very first project I was assigned as a Network Assistant was a project that many assistants in the past had attempted but failed. My project partner and I were supposed to create a Virtual Tour of the Center of Advanced Technologies building at our school. It was to aide the incoming freshmen and any visitors to the school. We had never used the programming language it needed to be in, Silverlight, so it was a little daunting. But we ended up finishing it in the equivalent of about three weeks.

I am currently working on an equally, if not more, daunting task. My partner and I are working on a Virtual Hall Pass System for Lakewood Senior High School, specifically the mobile app version for the iPad. Administrators and hall monitors will be able to use it to view who is out in the halls at any time. It is one of the most complicated things I have ever worked on and I love it. I am learning innovative ways to solve problems and collaboration.

Working on these projects has opened my eyes to a new path. I always thought I wanted to work with Mathematics when I finally got to college, but this experience has let me see what working in the Computer Engineering track would be like, and I love it. I intend to study the Computer Engineering major when I attend college. This is what led me to UCF. I would be a great addition to the UCF community and look forward to college.

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