Kyla Kolb


Class of 2012
Senior Project Manager

Diverse environments and a host of different experiences have helped define who I am. However, the environment that has shaped me the most and provided me with the qualities and unique characteristics that would allow me to contribute to the UCF community has been the Center for Advanced Technologies Network Assistant Program at Lakewood Senior High School.

I have learned quite a bit as a member of the Network Assistants Program. Before becoming a Network Assistant, I could program in leisure with no particular rush only to be rewarded with boredom. However, programming as a Network Assistant is very different. It is like a job, there is a deadline and so I feel the need and want to make constant progress. I am motivated by the fact that when the project is finished, I receive an accomplished feeling and praise from others, as well as the promise of a bigger, better, and more difficult project around the corner. Boredom is no longer a problem! I have discovered that I can learn a programming language quickly and achieve tasks that I never thought I could previously accomplish. I have learned to believe in myself and my talent, not only when it comes to computer programming, but in every aspect of my life.

The Network Assistant Program is not just another credit or grade; it is a commitment to a job. In this job, teamwork has proven to be more efficient, productive, and fun than just one person whacking away at a problem for a long period of time. Two minds can look at a problem in different ways and together, they can solve almost everything. My working partner and I have managed to single-handedly make a virtual tour (that was tried by other Network Assistants in previous years, but never successful) with no prior knowledge of the project or programming language. Now, we are project leaders on the iOS development (Apple i-products development) team of a very difficult hall pass system that will be deployed at Lakewood Senior High School by October or November. I have worked on equally important tasks with other groups in between these two major projects.

The purpose of this essay is not to boast about myself, or to boast about the Network Assistant course, but to show you just how much I have achieved that I never thought I could. Now, I feel like I can excel at anything that I put my mind to. The Network Assistant course has opened my eyes. My ability to learn helps me think of innovative solutions and possible future technologies. My newfound confidence and perseverance push me to try new things in new ways that no one has ever thought of before and to not give up when everything seems to go wrong. Because of these qualities, I will be a great addition to the UCF community, while pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering.

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