Dieu-Thuy Mac


Class of 2015
Sharepoint Web Developer

T-110 is not a typical classroom.

While most students in other classes learn through textbooks and lectures, we network assistants take a more hands-on approach, learning skills and cultivating knowledge in technology through teamwork, collaboration, and self-led projects.

When I first entered Mr. Zulli’s class, my knowledge in web development was limited to what I learned from developing my Myspace page in fourth grade. However, my poor taste and elementary skills in HTML eventually evolved into the ability to code a sleek website for students in the AMSET program at Lakewood. From working with Sharepoint, I’ve learned how to use CSS and Javascript to develop a functional website that allows for the input and storage of data, which is crucial for students to keep track of their projects. This classroom has taught me that with an appropriate amount of ambition and innovation, a few lines of code can turn into something useful for hundreds of students and faculty members.

My favorite part of working in T-110 is the environment that it provides. Unlike the traditional classroom, T-110 is a place where talking is encouraged, allowing for collaboration. Whereas my other classes provide a sit-down-and-study structure, this class goes above and beyond anything I can learn through books and lectures—it teaches me important real-world skills, puts me in realistic business situations, and strengthens my ability to work with others. In addition, the occasional off-topic discussions and light-hearted jokes from Mr. Zulli and other students make this class a stress-free yet focused atmosphere to work in.

Currently, I aspire to enter the medical field, but my involvement with technology in this class has motivated me to combine my interests in neuroscience with my love for computer science, working with computational neuroscience as an undergraduate. The realization that a few lines of code can make a useful program for hundreds of people has inspired me to use the technological and collaboration skills I learned from this class to improve the field of neuroscience through technology, finding treatments and cures for neurological disorders with the use of programming and computer models. I am going to use technology to change the world, and it all began in room T-110.

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