Clayton French

Class of 2016
Mobile App Development-

The best way to describe being a network assistant would be to start off with what it’s not. Being a network assistant is not traditional, in any way, shape, or form. A traditional class is comparable to a video game tutorial. In the tutorial, you are shown the most basic mechanics of the game so that you can get from point A to point B with relatively little hassle. This is exactly the case with traditional classes. Teachers give students homework and lectures which prepare them for upcoming tests and quizzes, after which they start over on a new topic. Rinse, wash, respawn.

The net assistant class, however, could not be more different. If a traditional class is like a game tutorial, this class would be more of a full-scale RPG. In an RPG, what matters more than the destination is the adventure players take to get there. They can choose different classes to customize their play style, and take part in certain quests that earn them experience and provide better understanding of the game. This is very similar to the way the net assistant class is run. Instead of having homework and lectures, students are given a project and a due date. The rest is up to them.

Because of the freedom students have in choosing how they approach their projects, rather than leaving the class with an expansive knowledge of programming syntax and semantics, they leave with a deeper understanding of the development process. They will learn how to manage their time, how to collaborate with others, and how to perform the necessary research to find what they need and then tailor it to fit their respective projects. Rather than worrying about their GPA, students will gain valuable EXP in this class that will place them lightyears ahead of their peers for years to come

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