Aaron Teetor


Class of 2012
Senior Project Manager

As a network assistant at the Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School I have worked on a variety of projects. This was my first experience with being assigned programming tasks. I enjoy the freedom of the program and the variety of work that is done. First I worked on the virtual tour of Lakewood which was a good experience to expose me to Silverlight for the first time. From this I learned how to make two languages interact better as my main contribution was parsing the room names from the xml effectively, and thus making two functions perform the task of what would have originally required a number of functions equal to the number of rooms in the school times two. I then spent a large period of time doing development for InfoPath and SharePoint. After that, working on our new Hall Pass System showed me how two languages can progress through the same project. While the main development team worked on JQuery solutions I was tasked with working on a Silverlight option and it was interesting to see how the two languages progressed in tackling the same task.

This year I am working on more InfoPath development, particularly the teacher lesson planner. Conversations with teachers who knew I was working on the lesson planner made it obvious changes would need to be made and it has been a difficult task trying to contort InfoPath's default options to do very specific things. InfoPath places restrictions on a large number of abilities, the use of code for example. Everything requires permissions to be enabled in multiple locations and can produce cryptic error messages. Luckily Microsoft Developer Forums and a few other good forums have provided me with many fixes and workarounds to tackle the problems.

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