About CAT

A few words about us


Here at the Center for Advanced Technologies, we take our mission statement to heart:


To provide quality application-based learning opportunities in a state-of-the-art supportive environment integrating mathematics, science and technology through student research.
Students who graduate from the CAT program are prepared for careers in: engineering, architecture, medicine, multimedia technology/production, scientific research, and computer science and information technologies.

The program provides real-world experiences through partnerships, mentorships and apprentice opportunities with community businesses. Students are required to complete an in-depth research project.

The CAT program also provides hands-on, student centered laboratory experiences in mathematics, science research, computing and multimedia.

For more information, please view this Magnet Brochure.

Why choose CAT

An unrivaled experience with technology.

Lakewood CAT integrates technology into the academic life of every student through its 1:1 initiative, fostering technology and computer based skills that will influence their everyday lives.

A unique learning atmosphere.

Students have the opportunity to pursue diverse career opportunities through the CAT program, from multimedia production to robotic design and engineering to high-level mathematics, Lakewood possesses the professional yet passionate environment to maximize interest and success in academics and beyond.

A rigorous curriculum that prepares you for your future.

The CAT program features classes and lessons with a central focus of ensuring student success in a technology driven world, with 13 industry certifications available throughout the different branches of the CAT curriculum.

Our Team

Our principles & practices

Student Centered

Here at the Center for Advanced Technologies we do everything we can to make a student successful. The CAT program has a full time guidance counselor and academic coaches who are assigned a small group of students.

Academic Coaching

Through biweekly one-on-one meetings with teachers, students in the CAT program can focus in on the accomplishments and obstacles in their courses, and make an action plan on how to be the most successful in their courses.

Scientific Research

Unique to CAT, Research classes are designed to enable students to have a much deeper education into the specific subject of their choice. Every year, students engage in their own individual research projects, which are entered into local science fairs and frequently win awards.

Cross-Curriculum Integration

The CAT program's course guidelines and structure are designed to create a synergistic learning environment, even between classes. Skills and lessons that students learn in DIT and Foundations of Programming can be applied in other classes like Robotics I-IV and Procedural Programming. Students can also find their program-issued Venue tablets integrating technology into every class, being used for anything from notetaking, to interactive lessons, to project creation, and much more.


Lakewood offers many opportunities for school and community service through its sports teams and clubs like NHS and the recently established Key Club. These extracurricular groups participate in restoration projects around the school and volunteer at service events to enhance the community as a whole.

Career Preparation

On top of their education, CAT students are trained for the real world through industry certifications in many of their CAT classes. These certifications uphold standards for companies and teach students the skills and lessons required to succeed in business situations and environments.

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