CAT 25th Anniversary


In 1990 the Center for Advanced Technologies opened its
doors. Please join us as we celebrate our silver anniversary with this look back at our beginning.


An idea that turned into a concept that became a reality, that's how the CAT Program was founded. It took a small but dedicated faculty who believed in the purpose of the CAT Program to make the Program a reality.



Under the direction of Mr. Fred Ulrich, the original five faculty members came together to establish the CAT Program. These teachers, one each for the core subjects of CAT, took over the bottom of A-Wing and built the foundation for succeeding years.


With the CAT Building nearing completion, the second generation of CAT teachers came on board. Additional teachers for Math (Dr. Janssen), Science (Mr. Oberg), Multimedia (Mr. Granning) and a new Computer teacher (Ms. McPoland) started in whatever room was available at Lakewood until they could be moved into the CAT Building on January 9th, 1991.

1992 - 1993

Mr. Ulrich left CAT to become a principal at Largo Middle School and Mr. Tom Baird took his place. Mr. Dickman (Research) and Mr. Watson (Math) came on board.

1993 - 1994

CAT was a success and growing quickly so additional faculty members were needed. Mr. Baird left for Talahassee so Dr. Janssen took his place as CAT Director. New faculty members in Computers (Mrs. Steiner, Mr. Tencza and Mr. White), Math (Ms. Leadbetter and Ms. Mack) and Science (Mr. Wagner) were added as well as Mr. Zulli who took over as Network Administrator and IT Instructor.

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