Monthly Archives: December 2000

Physics 1 Honors

This class teaches students about the interaction of matter, energy, forces of nature, energy, heat, light, and electricity. Required. Prerequisite: None. Grade typically taken: 9.
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Algebra 2 Honors

This course explores in depth the topics of Algebra, expanding upon the topics of Algebra 1. Emphasis is placed on functions and their applications. Topics include, but are not limited to: complex numbers, equations and inequalities, parabolas, quadratic equations, exponents and logarithms, polynomial equations and inequalities and equations of circles. Required. Prerequisite: Algebra 1 Honors…
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Digital Information Technology

In this course, students will learn about how to use the Microsoft applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students will have the opportunity to earn three Microsoft Office Specialist certifications, one for each application. Required (Also counts towards CAT's requirement of 3 technology classes). Prerequisite: None. Grade typically taken: 9.
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